Benchmarking and Strategic Consulting

29 Nov, 2012

You need numbers that count — and advice you can count on.

The Public Affairs Council provides benchmarking and strategic consulting services to member organizations looking to improve the way they manage public affairs activities. We have expertise in all public affairs functions, including government relations, grassroots, issues management, communications and strategic planning.

We also have access to data on public affairs staffing, budgets, reporting relationships, performance measurement, portfolios of responsibility and a host of other subjects. These data cover public affairs at the state, federal and international levels.

Here are the major types of projects we develop for clients:

Customized Benchmarking Reports

We often help members tackle complex management issues such as a reorganization or an assessment of a public affairs subfunction. In order to give clients the best possible information, we develop a benchmarking report based on:

  • Executive interviews with “best practice” companies and associations
  • Internal interviews with client executives
  • Surveys of competitors or other organizations with similar revenue or employee numbers

Public Affairs Audits

These projects help a company or association compare its management structure and practices against a model that highlights traits of effective public affairs organizations. Audits can be used to spot performance gaps, support funding increases, improve collaboration, manage issues proactively and convince senior management to become more engaged.

Comparative Analyses

Drawing on data from our most recent research projects, comparative analyses help members benchmark resources and activities against those of organizations of a similar size or in the same industry. These analyses use data from our State of Corporate Public Affairs Survey, PAC or State Government Relations Benchmarking Reports and other studies.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Our public affairs experts are experienced at planning and facilitating teamwide strategic planning sessions. Whether you’re revamping your public affairs department, adding an international component to your portfolio, or looking for creative ways to tackle your challenges, our seasoned staff can help make the most of your team’s valuable time.

Customized and On-Site Training

We’ll bring our workshops to you — and we’ll customize the content.

The Public Affairs Council conducts dozens of seminars and conferences each year on all aspects of public affairs, from grassroots advocacy to global government relations. But we understand that your training needs may be unique — and that it’s not always practical or affordable to send your entire team to an offsite workshop.

We can work with you to create a customized training program to be held at your facility. We can also create webinars to train or engage your international executives.

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For more information about our Benchmarking and Strategic Consulting Services, please contact
Sheree Anne Kelly, senior vice president, at 202.787.5970 or