Helpful Resource Organizations and Web Sites

04 Dec, 2012

PAC & Campaign Finance

Helpful Resource Organizations and Web Sites

If you need to conduct more in-depth research in a particular field of public affairs, follow these links to other public affairs organizations that can assist you. Know of any organizations or resources that should be included on this list? If so, please contact us.

The Brookings Institution
Provides up-to-date campaign finance headlines and government studies.

Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC)
The nation s first business PAC, helps American businesses meet the challenge of identifying, endorsing and electing pro-business candidates.

CATO Institute
Specializes in the study and analysis of campaign finance.

Center for Governmental Studies
Studies campaign finance at the state and local level.

Center for New Democracy and Technology
Provides support to citizen s groups working to reform campaign finance laws.

Campaign Finance Institute

The George Washington University conducts research and education, empanels task forces and makes recommendations for policy change in the field of campaign finance.

Center for Responsive Politics
Provides complete disclosure of who is giving and receiving contributions. Great for researching PACs and contributions made by individuals.

Citizens Research Foundation

University of California at BerkeleyProvides data on contributions to candidates and serves as a neutral forum to review and debate the latest academic research and policy analysis on campaign finance.

Common Cause
Provides a comprehensive list of campaign finance studies and timely features on the latest legislative decisions.

Congress Watch
Conducts congressional lobbying for campaign finance reform.

Council on Governmental Ethics Laws
Studies state election laws, campaign finance, ethics and lobbying regulations.

Federal Election Commission Official Site
Provides information and data on campaign finance and elections.

League of Women Voters of the U.S.
Specializes in political education and get-out-the-vote information.

National Association of Business PACs (NABPAC)
Assist business in navigating through campaign finance laws.

National Civic League
Serves as clearinghouse for information on state and local ethics and campaign finance.

National Committee for an Effective Congress
Conducts research in campaign finance reform.

National Institute of Money in State Politics
Serves as an independent source of information on campaign contributions in state politics for reporters, researchers and the general public.

National Voting Rights Institute
Works to define the role of private money in elections as a democratic right.

Public Citizen
Studies and lobbies for campaign finance reform.

U.S. Public Interest Research Groups
Promotes campaign finance reform at the state level.

Project Vote Smart
Center for National Independence in Politics
Provides non-partisan information on candidates and elected officials.

Working Group on Electoral Democracy
4144 Lindell Boulevard, #504St. Louis, MO 63108(314) 531-9630(314) 531-7356   Promotes public funding of elections at federal, state and local levels.


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